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If you are looking for a safe alternative to the harmfuul poisons and chemicals avalable today, you have just found it!   


If you are looking for a safe, healthy alternative to the harmful poisons and chemicals currently available for the control of ants, fleas and ticks, you've found it!

  • Completely safe to use around children.  Deter-Ant is even edible.   It's food grade and contains approximately 14 minerals and trace elements.   There you go, healthy bones and bodies if anyone decides to sample it!
  • Safe to use on your animals, they can even lick it off after you dust them for fleas and ticks!   Remember that puppies and kittens should not be dusted until 3 months of age.

When Mike was being treated for stage 4 melanoma (yup, stage 4), we were retrenched and had to deal with finding a million new ways to adjust to the circumstances, our lives, the stress and develope other forms of income.   We were more than fortunate, Mike has now survived more than 10 years free of the cancer.   


I have always gone the environmental route, including hauling my then toddlers out at night with torches to catch beatles and other plant eating bugs.   And that was good, it instilled an interest in living things and a lack of fear of the dark.   We have now made a little niche market for our two products, Deter-Ant and Humi-Go which are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly ( for removal of moisture in damp and humid conditions).   As you can see from the pic, we also market Keel Over cockroach control which has been on the market for 30 years now.


And this is Mike manning the Shongweni Farmers Christmas Market, putting on his Covid-19 mask and being Covid Smart.     Yislike, sjoe, today is 03/01/2021 (remind me to change this next year).


Thanks so much for reading, keep safe and wear your masks for the sake of those around you!.



  • Deter-Ant can basically be used to control any insect with a hard exo skeleton; this includes ticks.   Dust your animals, dust their bedding, dust anywhere they choose to lie outdoors.   Ticks tend to lay their eggs in areas where your animals walk.   The eggs are not in nests, just outside in areas that animals use as paths.
  • Deter-Ant is a food grade product which is fed to animals to remove internal parasites so a double benefit if they eat it!

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