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How did you find us?  

Deter-Ant is edible.  It is made from food grade Diatomaceous earth.   It is NOT what is used as a filter medium in swimming pools; that is heat treated and carcinogenic.

Deter-Ant will control sugar ants, white ants, black ants.   The sugar ants and the white ants (termites) respond very well.   The big black burrowing ants require heavy saturation to control them.   We say do not put down nest holes; this is true for other ants but we have found that bombarding the nest hole of the big black jobs works best.

When you treat ants attacking your plants or farming aphids, put the Deter-Ant around the base of the plants so that the ants have to walk through it.   Deter-Ant will control anything with a hard exoskeleton and we do not want to harm our bees and butterflies.  Never dust the flowers.


There is a huge amount of information on the internet about Diatomaceous Earth and its uses and benefits.   We recommend that you read a  book titled "Going Green using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips" by Tui Rose if you find the subject interesting.

Under normal conditions, we trade on the Shongeni Farmers Market every Saturday and Golden Hours Family Market in Durban North every Sunday.   We hope to be back there soon but for now we courier or postnet our products around the country.

Don't worry about geckos.   They will just find water and rehydrate but the ants, taking Deter-Ant into the nest, cannot do that.